Matron / Edea

Edea used to be the Matron of orphans such as Squall, the hero.  Matron is the mother archetype.  She raised and cared for Squall and others, hoping that one day they would be able to defeat the sorceress if she ever returned.  Ironically, Edea herself inherited the sorceress powers and so became the enemy of her children.  Edea therefore fulfills both the mother and shadow archetype.  When Squall and others recalled their pasts, and remembered Sorceress Edea was also their matron, they felt guilty for battling her.  As it turns out, Edea loses her sorceress powers and becomes normal once more.  Squall and others then depend on her for support and guidance just as they did in their youth.

Note: Matron does not look as intimidating as Edea.

Matron can also be compared to Columbia in Wheatley's "To His Excellency General Washington" because they both represent the earth mother archetype.  Columbia is regarded as supportive and caring in Wheatley's words,

For in their hopes Columbia's arm prevails...
Proceed, great chief, with virtue on their side,
Thy ev'ry action let the goddess guide.