LagunaLaguna Loire & Julia Heartilly (not pictured)

Laguna and Julia did not live in the same time period as Squall and the others.  They fulfill the archetype of star crossed lovers.  Laguna was a soldier who knew Squall's mother and sister.  Julia Heartilly is Rinoa Heartilly's mother.  Julia was a singer in a classy bar that Laguna used to visit.  They confessed their love for one another, and Laguna had to leave with the army.  They never saw each other again.  Julia rose to fame, married Rinoa's father (a cold man she didn't love), and released "Eyes on Me," a song clearly dedicated to her true love, Laguna.  When Rinoa was five years old, Julia died in a car crash.

During the Elizabethan Age, Sidney's moon sonnet also involved star crossed lovers.  The speaker in the sonnet mourned to the moon, because his love for a woman was not meant to be.  The most famous literary example of star crossed lovers however, is Romeo and Juliet.