Seifer Almasy

Seifer is a peer and rival of Squall.  They begin training together, but Seifer's hot-tempered and selfish personality result in him abandoning the cause to defeat the sorceress.  His desire for personal glory eventually results in his expulsion from the training unit.  He has two friends who join him in serving the enemy, Sorceress Edea.  Eventually, even they reject him due to his wrongdoings.

The mini-situation involving Seifer is the archetype of the fall.  Although he is not a hero, he does descend to a lower state of being resulting from a loss of innocence.

Seifer can be compared to Winston Palmer in "Sleepy Hollow" because they both fulfill the outcast archetype.  Palmer was rejected from his community because he was believed to be insane.  He then took revenge on his former friends much like Seifer did.