Squall Leonhart

Squall's childhood was a complete mystery.  It soon became evident that he was an orphan, raised by Matron and taught the skills necessary to defeat the wicked sorceresses of past, present, and future.  His talents and courage were uncanny, and he was singled out by the headmaster of his training unit as a special individual.  He is sent on many small quests, eventually meeting his platonic ideal, Rinoa Heartilly.  Normally, Squall is cold and unresponsive, caring only about himself. Rinoa changes him.  Squall and five others (including Rinoa) find themselves battling to save the world from the sorceresses.  (Although I have not yet completed the game, I'm sure they will succeed).

Squall's last name, "Leonhart," is symbolic of his bravery.

Squall can be compared to Macduff in Shakespeare's Macbeth.  Both represent the hero archetype, and thus share common characteristics.  Macduff defeats the villian, Macbeth.  His unusual birth, a cesarean section, helped him defeat the devil figure.