I realize that nobody gives a sweet rat's ass about poetry.  I don't.  I can't stand reading other people's poetry online.  But hey.  Please note the occasional use of capital letters.

The poems on top are semi-recent.  The poems on bottom are several years old.  There's an obvious difference between the writing styles.  The older poems are slightly more elaborate, with lots of metaphors and imagery.  The newer poems are just meant to express.

Atomic Bird (school assignment)
Notice Me
Suicide Pie
Curious Flavors
Enjoy Your Dead
The Prettiest Blue


Atomic Bird
On wings of Alpha and Omega
the Atomic Bird sees
the Final Shore on which to land
and bless with constancy.
A Cosmic Whisper is all it takes,
unheard by You and Me,
to cleanse and save with One last wave
of Blinding Purity.

Nowadays things seem empty
to me and you.
Disconnected from yesterday
and questioning tomorrow.

Why are we content to
be unloved and unloving?

We used to be wet with heart
and thirsty always.
Then an introspection
that flattened the ocean.

We're older, drier, more loveless.

Stop forcing me
I can't give anymore
I'm empty
and I don't want to

without reason
or cause

Stop penetrating me
It's too much for me to take
too much for me to breathe
too much for me to be

Notice Me
Notice me
and want me.
I'm telling you:
I'd make a great soul mate,
a great lover,
a great quickie,
a great father.
Touch me
and talk to me.
I'm telling you:
It's true,
I'd make a great conversation.

Remember this?
It's not that old.
We liked it then.
We need it now
to say goodbye
and to let go.
And I remember
the sad part now--
It used to be
just for hello.

Suicide Pie
Suicide pie
deliciously sour
warm when you want it
but cold at the hour
you take the first slice
topped with regret
you smell its creame
but don't taste yet
you pick up the fork
dip in your death
open your mouth
and take your last breath.

Curious Flavors

tongue unfolded

in the case

spring buds popping

for a taste

of curious flavors

and textures too

like sugar, meat, glue

and you.

Blackened snow
from the flaming hole
it coughs up death
each smokey breath
with juice that burns
its wrath shall purge.

A portal to Hell
water won't quell
Lucifer's fire,
Beelzebub's spire
is loving heat
and flesh to eat.

Pele desires
One on the pyre
Someone to feed
her Inferno need
One to caress
with each boiling kiss.

lunar tendrils
seeking )
for a shard of me
madame moonshine
winking )
her billion eyes to see
my frightened face
peeping )
o'er the ghostly sheet
her wicked orbit
singing )
chimes and melodies
lucid lashes
cooling )
my blood with pale breeze
soft silver smile
me with lunacy

Enjoy Your Dead
Enjoy your dead
Mister Cemetery
another truckload
to be buried

With artificial blood
and crackling skin
malevolent worms
and premature sin

Flowers to shower
Embalm to calm
the shrieking mind
and festering palm

Comfortable corpses
howling in pleasure
bucking in pain--
Reeking from fissure

the putrid perfume
from six feet under
contents your nostrils
with perverted odor

So comb your hair
Mister Cemetery
over black bruise
and sick the faeries

with ringed drills
and sordid segments
to plague population's
rotting remnants

Deck the flesh
with purring larva
Adorn with tombstone--
pity partial

Cemetery's stomach
the fascist bed
savor the flavor--
Enjoy your Dead.

The Prettiest Blue
The prettiest blue
behind the clouds
is hidden for you
(the rain you found)
The sun is bright
(but not bright blue)
And the sky is light
that shines more true
than tacky yellow
that envies few,
but not the sky--
the prettiest blue.