news & updates

5.02.00 - Hooray! Yesterday, I was accepted for hosting at! What a great domain.  There's lots of Toriness abound at fallenstar.  Thanks so much to the lovely Pandora. :) I suppose I'll be making the move any day now...

4.24.00 - Minor updates here and there.  "Share" page added in the "Extras" section.  Check it out!  Also, "Versions" added in the "About" section.

4.23.00 - Version 2.0 up! "Just Communcation".  Note how the intro page doesn't match the rest of the site at all.  I really like this new version... I'm trying to get hosted. ;)

4.22.00 - No updates in a looong time. I'm slowly working on a new version.

3.29.00 - This site is less than a week old, and I'm already sick of the layout.  HOWEVER, I promise myself not to start working on a new layout until the next big version of Netscape comes out (ya know, one that can support everything that IE supports).

3.28.00 - I...uh...added the news & updates page. :D